History - GRØFTEN

A taste of Denmark

Originally Grøften was linked to the neighboring Pantomime Theatre. At the rear of Restaurant Grøften you still find the original Theatre Café. Here you sense the air of the old time Pantomime Theatre actors preparing before their performances. Admire the beautiful old dressing tables and their traditionally placed make up lights. The Theatre Café is today a part of Restaurant Grøften.
Photo (above) credits: Steen Raaschou

Frequent guest inspired
the genesis of Tintin

The Danish adventurer Palle Huld was a frequent guest at Grøften. In 1928 - at the age of 15 - he went around the world in 44 days. Palle Huld is believed to have inspired Hergé to create the popular Belgian comic character Tintin.

From Fanøsund to Grøften:
the new owners

The new owners at Restaurant Grøften, Dorte and Jacob Elkjær, previously managed Restaurant Fænøsund in Middelfart. Fænøsund is a charming old seaside hotel located in the small fishing village of Teglgård. Grøften and Fanøsund both boast long histories and traditional cultures. Dorte and Jacob owned and managed Restaurant Fænøsund for 16 years.

Air Captain Lauritz
Johansen left his mark

The characteristic and beautiful hot air balloons that decorate and light up Grøften's main seating area are a tribute to former restaurateur Air Captain Lauritz Johansen. The air captain was Grøften's host during the early 1900s, and played an extensive role in shaping Grøften and its traditions.