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Banquet dinner at Grøften 2022

Our banquet menus are offered as a min. of 10 covers and exclusively when the same menu is served for all guests in the party. Exempt are children below the age of 12, guests with allergies, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle (please see below). Children under the age of 12 are welcome to order upon arrival.

Vegetarian menu: Potato soup, vegetarian main of the season, dessert as the rest of the party.
Vegan menu: Mixed salad, vegan lasagne, sorbet ice cream. 

Please note: accompaniments are seasonal and can therefore vary.

2- & 3-course Banquet Menu

2-course menu: 355/ cover.

3-course menu: 405/ cover.


Prawn cocktail w/ asparagues, Danish caviar, and Grøften’s red dressing.

Stirred salmon tartar from fresh and smoked salmon w/ apples and potato crisps.

Carpaccio from beef w/ mustard mayo, salty cheese, and fresh herbs.


Baked Atlantic Ocean salmon w/ cauliflower, puree, almonds, chive, fennel, herb vinaigrette, and pommes marcaire.

Fillet of beef w/ haricots and edamame a la français, parsley pesto, pommes marcaire, and red wine sauce.

Mushroom-stuffed supreme chicken breast w/ haricot verts, shallots,
and almonds. Served w/ pommes macaire and creamy morello sauce


Traditional Danish apple compote. Served w/ macaroons and whipped cream.

Panna cotta w/ berries and chocolate.

Chocolate mousse w/ fruit and crunch.

3-course Banquet Menu de Lux

3-course Menu de Lux: 565/ cover


Ceviche from scallops w/ lemon, olive oil, cucumber, trout roe, and wood sorrel.

Dried ham w/ truffle mayo, olives, crisp rye bread, chervil, and fresh truffle.


Beef tenderloin w/ fried courgettes and roasted shallots. Served w/ pommes rösti and truffle sauce.

Baked turbot, spinach baked w/eggs, green asparagus, baby corn, pommes rösti, and turbot bisque.


Chocolate fondant w/ blueberries in syrup and mint. Served w/ Hansen’s full cream vanilla ice cream.

Tarte au lemon: French lemon pie w/ burnt meringue, chocolate, and crunchy nuts in caramel.