Halloween 2014


Halloween platter: 195,- Dkr

Halloween de Lux platter - min 2 couv. per couv: 295,- Dkr





 75g hand-peeled, sea-boiled shrimps w/mayo and lemon: 125,-

Pickled salmon w/mustard sauce: 115,-

Hot potato soup w/ bacon and croutons: 85,-





"Stjerneskud" (fried and boiled fish w/mayo dressing and shrimps): 155,-

Tournedos Béarnaise: 295,-

Steak with fried onions, potatoes, sauce and pickled: 265,-

Roast pork w/red cabbage, sauce and potatoes: 215,-

Skipper's lobscouse - as much as you can eat: 155,-

Pasta(Penne) con panna, funghi e prosciutto: 145,-



2-course meals

Marinated herring and snaps - Skipper's Lobscouse: 220,-


Pickled salmon - Beef tenderloin w/sauce béarnaise: 325,-




Cheese and Sweets


 Gorgonzola with raw onion and egg yolk: 105,-

Camembert frit w/jam: 85,-

Danish cheese w/ dripping: 85,-

Brownie w/vanilla  ice-cream: 85,-

Danish apple dessert w/whipped cream: 85,-

Vanilla ice-cream w/chocolate sauce: 85,-


Open sandwiches




Pickled herring 69,-
Sherry herring 69,-
Curry herring 75,-
Fried herring, in vinegar 75,-


Fried fillet of plaice 95,-

75 gr. handpeeled seaboilded shrimps with mayo and lemon

Smoked eel with scrambled eggs 135,-
Smoked salmon 105,-
Pickled salmon 105,-

Home-made shrimp Salad on toast






Chicken, potatoes, egg etc.

Chicken salad with bacon 85,-


Egg and shrimps
Egg, tomato, mayo and raw onions 65,-


"The vet’s midnight snack" 85,-
Brisket of beef with horseradish and pickles 75,-
Liverpaté with pickled cucumber  and bacon 75,-
Collared pork Danish style 69,-
Roast pork (cold) with red cabbage 69,-

Roastbeef with horseradish, remoulade, onions and pickled cucumber

Roastbeef with fried egg 85,-
Ham with pea- and carot mayo 79,-
Beef tatar with egg yolk 109,-
Beef tatar with Danish black caviar and egg yolk 120,-

Small and warm

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich - Grøften style 105,-
Hamburger-toast with pickles and egg yolk 135,-
Roast pork with red cabbage and prunes 110,-
Pork tender loin with fried onions 110,-
Luke-warm liver paté with bacon and mushrooms 85,-
Frikadeller (Danish meatballs) with potato salad 85,-


Old Danish cheese with dripping 85,-
Danish mild cheese 59,-
Camembert Frit with black currant jam 85,-
Gorgonzola with raw onion and egg yolk 105,-
Brie 69,-


Kitchen Opening hours:

 Sunday - Thursday. 12:00-21:30

Friday - Saturday. 12:00-22:00


Prices  incl Tax/V.A.T. and service

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